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1. What is Fire Shaper Hot Yoga?

a. Fire Shaper Hot yoga is performed in a hot room that is heated to very specific conditions. Our Fire Shaper studios are controlled by state of the art equipment designed to achieve the perfect temperature every time. Fire Shaper Hot Yoga refers to a very specific form of yoga that comes from a specific lineage in India. “Hot Yoga” embraces the concepts of health, and healing with special alignments and name pronunciations as well as purposeful sequencing of postures to produce very specific affects. It is not simply adding heat to a room where one practices some form of yoga. In our Fire Shaper studios the temperature and humidity must be within certain guidelines, not too cold, not too hot but, just right to enhance the opening of the human body like a lotus flower blooming open. The nervous system releases tension in this environment and allows for the physical and neurological relaxation of the cells. It is in this state that the body may be molded like warm clay and cleansed from the inside out. You may find various studios offering “heated” yoga because “Hot Yoga” has become very popular. These “heated” yoga classes are not the same and generally the studios that offer these classes have very little knowledge about the effects of heat and humidity on the body as well as having little or no knowledge of where “Hot Yoga” comes from or what it really is. A popular comment that you may hear from these other studios is “…we generate our own heat because of the how much we move, the way we breathe and the powerfulness of the practice…” To an extent that is true but, it is not the same and does not “mimic” the practice of “Hot Yoga”. In our studios we embrace the origins of “Hot Yoga” as well as combine a number of different styles and practice them in the proper “Hot” environment which allows for a truly different experience. However, we love and enjoy many forms of yoga, even those not hot, and from time to time we hold special events and workshops in a room temperature environment so that we may all enjoy these different experiences. No Yoga, No Peace – Know Yoga, Know Peace

2. Why the Heat?

a. The heat is designed to allow the human bodies physiology to relax. Once a certain temperature and environment is reached the body will unwind from the inside out. It is a calming neurological reaction that provides this change. As the tissues of the body soften and the nervous system relaxes the yoga practitioner will find it much easier to deepen their practice and access areas that they normally would have a difficult time getting to. A simple obvious effect of the heat is sweating which, releases toxins (acids) through the skin (your largest excretory organ). However, sweating is only a small part of “Why the Heat”. The temperature and environment must be very specific and here in our Hot Yoga studios we use state of the art technology to achieve the perfect environment nearly every time. It takes experience and knowledge to do this and that is one thing we are not short on. Dr. John is highly educated about the human body and the exact process required to achieve this state of being. We also have a highly qualified team of professionals which assist in the coordination of our system that allows us to achieve our high standard of conditions.

3. Can you teach me how to FLY?

a. Absolutely!!! Ok, well when we are talking flying it's not like the Wright Brothers... We're not talking about flapping wings or jet engines but, we are talking about balancing on your hands, kicking your legs into the air, anti-gravity movements and floating up and down with the greatest of ease! Check us out! Try a little Fire-Fly pose or Handstand and you'll leave feeling on top of the world!

4. What type of clothes should I wear?

a. Wear comfortable clothing that will not weigh heavily down when wet. You will sweat more than you expect. Men typically wear shorts, no shoes or socks and a T-shirt or no shirt at all. Women typically wear form fitting stretchy shorts or gym pants that easily wick water, or loose comfortable clothes made of light stretchy material. Still need to shop? No worries, we carry lots of clothes at our locations and if your out and about be sure to stop into your local lululemon athletica store. Their friendly staff will sport you up with fantastic threads sure to be on top of the latest trend!

5. What should I bring with me to class?

a. Sticky Yoga Mat – 2 LARGE towels – Large water - We have many of the things you need for your practice for either sale or rent (Mats, towels, water) otherwise the most prepared yogi will bring their own yoga mat, 2 LARGE towels, and a large bottle of water.

6. I am not very flexible. Can I do this yoga?

a. YOU CAN DO IT! A common miss-conception is that you have to be flexible to participate in a Yoga class. You do not need to be flexible and usually most of our students are not flexible at all in the beginning. Through this practice you will quickly gain more flexibility as the heat and the sequencing of the postures will provide you with a much different experience than you might have had in the past with stretching and flexibility.

7. I do not consider myself fit. Is this yoga for me?

a. YES, Turn your “SHOULD DO IT” into a “MUST DO IT NOW”. This is a common question with a very simple answer. In our yoga class you will begin by building the strongest foundation you have ever had in your body. Start here with other real people getting real results. Even if you have to sit down in between postures, you will eventually get stronger, fitter, and more energized with every class. You are not alone…

8. I have very limited or no experience with any type of yoga. Do you offer classes that I can attend?

a. YES. All of our classes are at the beginner level. No experience at all is necessary to start with our Hot Yoga Practice.

9. I am a very experienced yoga practitioner. What will your classes offer me?

a. Challenge yourself, come to our classes and see the true depth of your practice. Dig deeper into your body and discover what lies beneath. Each of our class styles are slightly different and offer different experiences but, the overall message of our practice is to challenge you to accept nothing less than OUTSTANDING!

10. What can I expect in my first class?

a. Lessons on levitaion… ok only kidding… Expect our instructors to be helpful and attentive. Expect to find a comforting environment where you will see people of all different walks of life sweating it out together. Expect to never be the same again. Once you have fully immersed yourself in your first Hot Yoga experience you will find that you are stronger than you think, you will find that you have more desire and drive than you anticipated. You can expect to have an experience of a lifetime that will motivate you to continue and draw out your true inner power.

11. How many times per week should I attend Hot Yoga?

a. This depends on your goals. If your goal is to stand in a hot room once a week and sweat than that is what you will get. If your goal is more than that, if you plan on achieving great things for yourself, if you plan on being healthy, vibrant and powerful then come to class at least 2 to 3 times per week. If you plan on being in a PEAK physical, mental and soulful state then come EVERYDAY… we dare you… we “triple dog” dare you…

12. Where does “Hot Yoga” come from?

a. “Hot Yoga” finds its roots in a Lineage that originated in Calcutta India. Inspired by Paramahonsa Yogananda (author of Autobiography of a Yogi), Bishnu Ghosh (Paramahonsa Yoganandas younger brother) began Ghoshs’ College of India and forever transformed this legacy of practice. Brought to America by Bikram Choudhury, Bikram Yoga was the first True “Hot Yoga” practice to be introduced to the USA. Today, there has been a paradigm shift in “Hot Yoga” practice as it has begun to evolve. The evolution of this practice holds true to certain fundamental principles: 1. “Hot Yoga” recognizes and maintains its differences in many posture alignments, posture names, and posture pronunciations 2. “Hot Yoga” holds true to the essential process of balancing the body through the sequencing of the postures 3. “Hot Yoga” has a core belief in the care and construction of our physical, mental, and spiritual being. We believe that Health and Vitality is created and earned through a process of transformation. We believe that the core of our Fire Shaper practice should focus on healing, on vital energy and on change. Through this strong innate foundation we can then enjoy a journey of yogic development through an advanced posture practice or a practice based on other yoga traditions and lineages. It is these core beliefs and the fusion of practice that fuels the evolution of our Fire Shaper studios.

13. What types of classes do you offer in your studio?

a. We offer a number of styles as well as our own proven evolution of postures. We offer 60 minute, 75 minute, and 90 minute classes. Some styles incorporate very traditional postures and sequencing and some classes are a total evolution in the practice and offer many variations of movement, of connection, and of growth.

14. What benefits can I expect from this practice?

a. You may become the most healthy and successful person on earth. Ok, well that might depend on a few other factors as well but, you’re off to a really good start! This practice is designed to work the entire body from the inside out, top to bottom, muscles to organs and bones to skin. Try these benefits on for size: Strong muscles, Less Fat, Better Balance, Decreased Stress, Longevity, Wellness, More Energy, Detoxify your body, Lose Weight, Greater Flexibility, Clean Teeth (LOL only if you brush 3x per day), Strong Heart, Healthy Mind, Balanced Spirit, the sun will shine! And so much more and all you have to do is give 100% of your effort when you are there. 80% is showing up – The other 20% is staying in the room.

15. If I cannot make it to the studio to practice will I gain any benefit from practicing in a normally heated room?

a. Practice some form of yoga every day. We like all forms and styles of yoga. They are all unique in their own way. We believe very strongly in our practice and in the evolution of Fire Shaper. The heat will allow you greater depths but, if you are not in our hot room just follow these simple guidelines: Keep warm, Be aware of how different no heat is than heat and respect how far you can go, follow a sequence you learned at our studio as many postures are designed to be expressed only after you have thoroughly prepared yourself through other postures, breathe, and smile. Enjoy this process even at home and when you are ready for a more directed and purposeful practice then we will see you in class!

16. Will I get an aerobic workout in your classes?

a. YES, your heart muscle will thank you. The postures are designed to increase and decrease your heart rate throughout the entire class. A person who participates by giving 100% of their effort (even if they are not able to do the postures) can typically average 120 to 150 beats per minute in class. Unlike other forms of exercise, yoga works with each person on an individual basis. Each person will have a different experience and the yoga practice will work on each person as if it was specifically customized just for them. The yoga works to create harmony in the body which means that each individual will gain more benefits of one particular thing and less of another based on their specific needs. We call this INNATE INTELLIGENCE.

17. Will I build muscle in your classes?

a. YES, you might even show Arnold a thing or two. Students who give 100% effort, regardless of whether or not they can fully do a posture or not, get 100% results. Building muscle strength and control is a major component of holding our yoga postures.

18. How many calories does a person burn in a typical Hot Yoga class?

a. In a typical 75 minute class, you may burn 900 or more calories per session.

19. What is the difference between “Hot Yoga” and other styles of yoga?

a. “Hot Yoga” refers to a very specific form of yoga that comes from a specific lineage in India. “Hot Yoga” embraces the concepts of health, and healing with special alignments and name pronunciations as well as purposeful sequencing of postures to produce very specific affects. It is not simply adding heat to room where one practices some form of yoga. In Hot Yoga the temperature and humidity must be within certain guidelines, not too cold, not too hot but, just right to enhance the opening of the human body like a lotus flower blooming open. The nervous system releases tension in this environment and allows for the physical and neurological relaxation of the cells. It is in this state that the body may be molded like fresh clay and cleansed from the inside out.

20. Is “Hot Yoga” the same as yoga in a “heated” room?

a. No it is not the same. The heat in our studio is specifically designed to meet certain criteria and is held to very tight standards. The temperature and humidity in the room needs to be in a specific range for the students’ optimal experience. Many other types of studios who have no background in true Hot Yoga will add heat to their room so their students feel more comfortable and generate a “good” sweat. The Hot room is so much more than just getting a “good” sweat. Not only does the environment need to be in a specific range but, the practice itself is special. The Hot Yoga alignments, the process, and the sequencing are very different and specific to our practice.

21. Why should I have an Unlimited Package with your studio?

a. Our students are the most important part of our studio. You help to form the foundation of our Fire Shaper studios and for that we are eternally grateful. You can be certain that we do everything we can to make your Fire Shaper experience unique and convenient. Unlimited Package holders tend to be the students who gain the most results from their practice. WHY YOU ASK? Total Immersion and Repetition are the secrets to success. Think about it, if you do something once a week how good are you going to get in 3 months? Not very, is most likely the answer. BUT, if you do something 3 or more times per week for 3 months do you think you might get much better? Do you think you might work something out or gain some advantage? OF COURSE! Now see your life… Fire Shaper - 5 days per week kicking butt, takin names, in total control and UNSTOPPABLE! Much better picture! Now that’s an Unlimited Package with our Fire Shaper studios!

22.What makes your studios so different than all the others?

a. The owners. As the owners of the studios Dr. John and Natalie dedicate themselves to serving others. Dr. John has extensive experience in our human physiology and combines his 25+ years of knowledge to create an environment that totally supports you in Health, in Wellness and in the process of growth. They offer you this Fire Shaper practice so that they may help to empower you with the tools you need for your life. So that you have the knowledge and control that it takes to Feel Great all of the time, to be in Peak Health everyday of your life, and to contribute to the lives of others around you. Dr. John and Natalie live their lives teaching others through Yoga, Chiropractic, Nutrition, and other various techniques of self-mastery. Be the owner of your destiny and enjoy the journey.

23. I have a busy schedule, how will I be able to make it to class?

a. We offer class every day of the week. We are open 365 days per year and we have multiple locations. Most package holders with our studios have the ability to go to any location they choose so if there is a class time in another location that works better on a particular day you are welcome to go to it. Between all of our locations we offer over 100+ classes per week. Class times are offered from the very early morning and middle of the day into the late night. You will have no trouble finding the time – JUST SCHEDULE IT IN AND MAKE IT A MUST!

24. What is Karma Korner?

a. After Hurricane Sandy hit NJ in 2012 we, at Fire Shaper, decided to mobilize all of our efforts to raise money for those affected by the natural disaster. Fire Shaper hosted a donation based class and then pledged to meet the cash proceeds that were collected from that class. It was such a big hit in our community that more of our awesome instructors asked if they too could host their own donation based class and donate their pay, their time, and the proceeds to the Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort. At the time we decided to donate to the Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort and after announcing the charity we were flooded with additional charity possiblities from Fire Shaper Students and Instructors. At this time, the concept of Karma Korner was born.
Not yet called "Karma Korner" we thought that our entire Fire Shaper family should have the opportunity to showcase charitable organizations that they were passionate about. Afterall, charitable events are not just about money. Drawing attention to various charities is a process of sharing energy, sharing life. Fire Shapers Instructors are passionate about many things and each of them would like the opportunity to share with our community the different and unique causes that they believe in and support. Here at Karma Korner you will find a new Fire Shaper Instructor every month along with a short bio about them and the charitable organization that they believe in. They will host a Donation based class (free to attend if you choose but a donation of $20 would be wonderful!) at one of our many Fire Shaper locations. The Studio location and class time for this class will be listed here and for the month Fire Shaper will either be accepting donations on behalf of the charitable organization or drawing attention to the organizations donation gateway. All proceeds from the Instructors donation class will be donated to their charity of choice and in this unique way of sharing we hope to raise attention to the variety of Good Karma for various Kauses on our Kommunity Korners :)
This March Dr John will share is passion for assisting the children of our planet. Details of the charity, the passion and the purpose will follow. Stay tuned for the class listing and announcements. It's not about the money... It's about the Love... (but, a little cash always helps!)

25. I'm Overweight, out of shape, can't touch my toes, and a total beginner. Can I do this?

a. 100% YES! What is so great about you is that you won't be the only one in your condition getting into our classes for the first time. What's also so great is that there are people of ALL Shapes and Sizes practicing in the room together. The added bonus is that even though you are all in the same room no one is looking at you! Give it a go, give it 21 days of your effort. Your health is definitely worth it. Over the course of the next 21 days come to class 9 times (that's 3 days a week) and feel the difference. You'll gain more energy and movement in your body as if you were becoming brand new!

26. WOW! I am thoroughly convinced that Fire Shaper will be one of my most valuable health tools. What other tips would you recommend to help me create the Healthy Life of my dreams?

a. Super Hero powers would come in handy right about now but, if your lacking in x-ray vision or super human strength you might try a few of the below items:
i. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water every day.
ii. Get adjusted by a chiropractor
iii. Look at your food plate and be sure that 75% of the food on your plate is “water rich” (typically these are foods that have water naturally occurring and provide you with energy from the sun)
iv. Limit your meat intake to no more than once per day or less
v. Supplement with a green food drink like “E3Live”
vi. Take a “whole food nutrient” supplement
vii. Use Essential Fatty Acids: (Krill Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Black Currant Seed oil, Borage Oil…)
viii. Sleep at least 6 hours a day
ix. Wake up and Move your body
x. Drink water but not when you eat
xi. Add fresh lemon to your water
xii. Try wheatgrass… Yummy
xiii. Juice! And we’re not talking about Kool-Aid… Fresh Fruits and Veggies made at home in a juicer.
xiv. Buy a Vitamix… and use it!
xv. Boycott DD, KFC, McD, etc… Terrible thing that we even know what those letters mean but, what they really cause are a slow agonizing painful Dis-eases in our communities…
xvi. Zipper your lips closed 3 hours before you go to bed… “no food in da gob”. Eating before you sleep almost assures that you will retain fat on your frame.
xvii. Eat fresh fruit in the morning upon waking not Canadian bacon and fried grits.  Even try some sauteed broccoli for breaky... break the breakfast mold!
xviii. Massages are not amenities, they are necessities…
xix. Try acupuncture to balance your meridian energies
xx. Smoking is just plain dumb and nasty and supports ridiculous companies and has been proven to KILL… yet our society continues to do it… Be a Fire Shaper 7 days a week and you will never want to smoke again.
xxi. Yep your worst fear… limit or no coffee… shhh don’t tell Starbucks…
xxii. FINALLY, smile, change your state, you are in total control, chest up, head high, take a deep breath, scream I AM A FIRE SHAPER WARRIOR! (out loud of course… risk looking silly… it might be fun)