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Hot Yoga Teacher Training MARCH 2013

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Become part of a unique team or develop your personal practice.  

In Fire Shapers training you will discover the secrets of the Heat, the Process of Growth, and really learn about your personal practice.  In this program we will lead you through a series of learning with a basis in Asana Practice, Personal Power, and lessons of many masters both from the past as well as the ones in our present.  

Here are some of the unique trainings available at Fire Shaper:


LEVEL I - 200 hour Hot Yoga Teacher Training:

Based on a mixture of Bikram Yoga, Barkan Method, and Vinyasa Flow we will take you through 50+ postures and teach you the essentials of Instructor Knowledge.  This 200 hour program is very popular with people looking to contribute to the lives of others through the process of Yoga Instruction as well as those looking for Personal Transformation and Drastically Improving their personal practice.


LEVEL II - 100 hour Hot Vinyasa Immersion:

This training has been designed with the already basic certified instructor in mind.  What elements of Instruction will assist you in taking your teaching and practice to the next level?  How can you more serve your students while working with them either as a group or one on one?   Although an instructor may not, personally, be very good at the more difficult or intense asanas, how can they instruct others in the process of learning and achieving success in more advanced arm balances, inversions, and deeper expressions of basic postures?  These are just some of the questions you will have answered in Fire Shapers LEVEL II training.  Blending deep meditation techniques, principles in Divinity from Oneness University in India, Dharma living, and One on One physical hands on adjusting our team of Instructors will help you transform your current teaching and practice so that you may better serve others.



Designed for those already certified in their (non-hot) yoga style of choice Fire Shaper will teach you the finer elements of the Hot Yoga practice.  Learn from the experts about the heat and how it effects the human body.  Learn what is truly happening physiologically, mentally and soulfully to your students in the hot room.  Be 100% clear on how to adjust your class routine to suit a hot yoga practice and have tremendous confidence in your ability to care for your students while they immerse themselves in the hot room.  Your students trust you to fully guide them through a hot practice and with this short immersion you will learn the skills necessary to call yourself a highly educated hot yoga expert.  Perhaps hoping things will just work themselves out while you experiment with your students is not the best way to learn how to teach in the hot room.  End the guess work and give yourself the knowledge necessary to teach a Hot Yoga experience.  We can bridge this gap with you and when you finish you will have complete clarity and the confidence to call yourself a Hot Yoga Instructor!


12 hour - Barre Shaper Intensive:  

Sound Interesting?  Want to learn more?  Coming soon this March!  email us for more information as Fire Shaper is hand-selecting participants!




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