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Nutrition and Hot Yoga

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There are many things that you can do that boost your metabolism.  

Some methods are very controversial and others are downright un-safe.  

So, what CAN you do that will not only pump up the fire inside of you but,

will also help to remodel, rebuild, and reshape your body?  


Here are 3 Simple Things Anyone Can Do:

1. You may consider getting a clean, easy to digest compliment of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats into your body within 60 minutes of a hot yoga class.  Yes, I know, not everyone feels like eating a meal straight after a class but there are other options that are scientifically more appropriate than chicken and veggies right after training.  Try a high quality meal replacement drink instead (there are even Kosher versions!).  It is quick, easy, and drinking it doesn't feel like you are trying to force your body to eat when it's not really in the mood.  Perfect mixtures can supply your body with Live Digestive Enzymes and a Full Compliment of Essential Amino Acids which, aid in your Hormonal balance!  Plus the right drink helps to hydrate your body and balance your blood sugar providing tremendous amounts of energy and nutrition.  Plus the drink helps to hydrate your body and balance your blood sugar providing tremendous amounts of energy and nutrition.  Here is a video to boost you along to success :)


2. Check in to make sure that you remain hydrated before and after your class.  Water is an essential component of metabolism and without it your body will slow down to the pace of a snail.  An easy to follow gauge is to check your water output.  A clear(er) urine means that you are more hydrated, the more yellow the less hydrated you really are.  A side benefit of hot yoga is that you get to sweat out incredible amounts of water which, is fantastic for cleansing your skin and body.  Therefore it is important to replace lost fluids with nutritious and pure water sources that hydrate you.


3. Cleanse your body, scrub your colon.  Using psyllium seed husk powder once per day can help by scrubbing your body clean from the inside out.  If you use too much you can get a bit bound up so, find the perfect amount for you.  It's safe, healthy, and highly recommended by nearly every doctor in the world.  Watch THIS VIDEO to learn how to use it.