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       TEACHER TRAINING - We offer a number of programs that will not only enhance your personal practice but, also provide you with a bounty of yoga knowledge and talents to help contribute and serve the lives of those around you.  Your yoga practice can expand to impact not just an individuals state of health and awareness but, also branch out globally contributing to the growth of our planet and consciousness.

        BECOME A FIRE SHAPER FRANCHISE - Finding a Incredible career path is difficult for most to discover.   Building a life with Fire Shaper you will find yourself immersed in an abundant resource providing financial growth as well as your spiritual foundation.  It's about contributing to your personal path and the journey of others while serving something more than yourself.  In this space you will find serenity and a sense of belonging as your life begins to expand financially, socially, and karmically.  If your looking for a business model with a conscious then for sure we are right for you and you for us.  send us an email we'd love to have a chat 

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        SPACE AVAILABLE FOR RENT- Trusting the right massage therapist, acupuncturist, or chiropractor is a mission many of us are on.  Well, we are looking for the right motivated person interested in renting space from us in any one of our many studios.  Interested?  Contact us at

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Work Study Opportunities - Become a part of the Fire Shaper Team.  As a work study, you work side by side with our Management and Teacher teams to assist in the everyday operations of the studio.  We have positions available in each location.  Minimum 3 month commitment.  Minimum shift time of 4 hours.  For every hour worked you may accumulate a free class on your account.  Speak to one of our managers and click the application link to get started.  Feel free to email your application to us ( or fax it directly to us at 201.477.0632 APPLICATION LINK

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Interested in a working opportunity with us?  We have positions available for Work Studies and Studio Assistants.  Click below to place an application with us today.  If you have any other questions please feel free to EMAIL us.




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ISAGENIX NUTIRITION - Supplementing your bodies nutrient intake as well as regulare cleansing and detoxifying of your body is what the human body requires in order to have lots of energy and live a healthy well life.  When we place massive demands on our systems (Emotional, Physical, Chemical) we will also require massive actions to counter balance and deal with those demands.  Try Isagenix today...  Don't you want to feel more ENERGY?  More VITALITY?  Don't you want to rollover in bed and feel your body lean and strong rather than frumpy and blubby?  Are you Tired of being Tired?  Wish your joints felt better?  or Perhaps you are aging at exponential rates...  Turn back the clock, put a pep in your step... SAY YES!  CLICK HERE AND START YOUR 30 DAYS NOW