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New to Fire Shaper Hot Yoga?

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Welcome to the Fire Shaper Family of Studios!

This section of our site is designed for you, our new FIRE SHAPER client.
Below is a list of items, links and tips that will answer 
most of your questions about our yoga classes
as well as melt away any possible anxieties prior to your first class with us.

Our goal is for your first Hot Yoga experience at FIRE SHAPER to be
both fulfilling and transformational.


STEP # 1 - Buy your Special Introductory Package Online - CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR SPECIAL DEAL

STEP # 2  - Click one of the Studio Links to Schedule your class ONLINE by selecting your location: 
                                                  North Haledon - Nyack - Rutherford - Westwood
                              OR write it in your day planner.  When you Schedule it - IT becomes REAL

STEP # 3 - Simply read below on: HOW TO PREPARE


  • Avoid coming to Fire Shaper classes on a full stomach.  Try some fruit maybe an hour or more before class to level off your blood sugar. Definitely avoid heavy foods or foods that take time to digest.
  • Wear lightweight clothes so that you can still comfortably move when they become wet.  Clothes that allow your skin to breathe work best. It is not acceptable to practice Fireshaper classes in undergarments or Speedos in our studios.
  • Your level of hydration is vital.  Take steps to ensure that you are well hydrated but, not overly.  Pure clean water is generally the only acceptable means of hydrating your body.  Sugar laden, Sugar Free, Diet or Caffeinated drinks are to be avoided. Try lemon squeezed in pure clean water.
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes early if you are new so that you get to know the studio and relax in the space prior to practice.
  • Online Registration to participate in our classes is not necessary - you can simply show up to any Fire Shaper classes without giving prior notice. You may pay at any studio.  However, workshops and special events are best to pre-register online for.
  • To practice, you will need a yoga mat and large towels as well as water.  Large towels are the equivalent size of a large bath towel and we recommend at least two of them as you will be standing on them to practice your Hot Yoga.
  • Upon arrival to the studio simply present yourself at the front desk and our friendly Fire Shaper staff will guide you through the rest of the process :)

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