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I wanted to first thank you. Upon moving back from college, I found it difficult to find a yoga studio in Northern NJ that would provide me both the challenging yoga classes and the encouraging instructors that would push, but also connect with their students.   I have left every class feeling energized and thoroughly grateful. Your instructors are not only encouraging, but they are also aware of how each pose/sequence can change you - I only hope to be able to apply that working knowledge if I ever pursue teaching myself.


Amy Lee



Natasha is such an amazing instructor of hot yoga (Fire shaper)... I just love her classes! In a little over one hour, I am guided through a gentle yet thorough workout of not just my entire body... but my mind and spirit also. Beginning with a relaxing meditation and easy warm up to centre the soul, Natasha then flows into a set of yoga exercises that focuses on building strength, balance and stamina beyond what I thought was possible. Her naturally confident tone of voice & knowledge really sets & maintains a fluid workout from beginning to end and her personal attention in a group environment is so encouraging that my own practise is always improving. As her classes wind down, I am always guided back to the relaxing, soul centring place where I began... albeit, a lot sweatier and much more satisfied.
I recommend Natasha's class to everyone no matter what level of fitness you may be at. Actually, all the instructors are great in their own, unique ways. 
My personal journey began in boxing where I used to compete at a high level of amateur competitions until I had two motor cycle accidents, the second one leaving me in an ICU unit for more than 3 weeks with multiple fractures including a crushed vertebra and internal bleeding. For years I suffered with chronic pain and with no real relief until I started Fire shaper. After just one month of daily classes, the pain reduced by 50%! and the severe depression from the post trauma has also been healed and is a very distant memory.
Life's Good... Real Good.
- Steve Vega

Thanks so much for the reply.  You guys are really terrific. 


Yesterday I attended the evolution class in Haledon with a new teacher (I’m sorry I forget her name—I don’ think she teaches a lot) and at first I wasn’t sure (more because I hate change…) and when I opened myself up to a new experience and teacher she was absolutely wonderful.  It was one of my best classes—her cues were great throughout especially around breathing and using our breath.  I learned a lot.  It was a big class and she handled it beautifully and really kept the energy positive.


Have a great day.

Catherine T.

I often wonder if more men knew about the yoga; if it could be somehow be communicated; a story like mine. I was you typical doughy 50 year old, and a year later, I have a 30″ waist, and more important, not one ache or pain! I’m not a runner, but I couldnt make class this morning and instead went out and ran 4 miles, and wasn’t even breathing heavy. I’m also a retired jumper rider, and last Saturday, after class, for the first time in a long while, went to my old barn and road a thoroughbred. Instead of being a “sack of potatoes” up there, I locked in, legs tight, like I’d been in training for six months. That speaks to the conditioning that the… Hot Yoga …achieves. Its crazy!

David S.

I often wonder if more men knew about the yoga; if it could be somehow be communicated;  a

story like mine. I was you typical doughy 50 year old, and a year later,

I have a 30" waist, and more important, not one ache or pain!

I'm not a runner, but I couldnt make class this morning and instead went out and

ran 4 miles, and wasn't even breathing heavy. I'm also a retired jumper rider,

and last Saturday, after class, for the first time in a long while,

went to my old barn and road a thoroughbred. Instead of being a "sack of potatoes"

up there, I locked in, legs tight, like I'd been in training for six months.

That speaks to the conditioning that the Bikram achieves. Its crazy!


David S.


Received via our Facebook: Your classes are awesome!  All your teachers are truly great.  Thanks so much!

Elizabeth G.

I registered at Hot Yoga (Fire Shaper) in January as part of a New Year’s resolution and at the encouragement of my friend and co-worker.

I’ve taken many classes since then, attempting three a week.  I go to either the Westwood or North Haledon location since one is closer to work, and one is closer to home.

The two studios I frequent are clean, bright and welcoming.   I do my best to be a “responsible practitioner” by attending as many classes as I can, and your business gives me no reason to make excuses to fail.


I look forward to many years as a Hot Yoga student!


Thank you.

Elizabeth N.

As my one year Nyack Hot Yoga anniversary has just passed, I would like to thank everyone for making the past year so amazing. I am so pleased with my classes, as well as the mental and physical improvements in my life.

I would like to thank a few people who without their help, guidance, friendship and yes, amazing teaching, I am sure my experience would have not been as incredible as it has been. 

Thank you Scott and Bridgid for your dedication, and love of yoga. Your classes are always, and i mean ALWAYS, well paced, and you both control the temperature and the room so brilliantly. Each class of yours i learn at least one new thing, and it is always something i use in my practice and in my life outside of yoga. You are both consistently excellent and are a shining example of why Fire Shaper - Nyack Hot Yoga is the place i anchor my days and week around. Btw, MaryAlice was right up there with you both, but she chose to teach children in the city and improve their lives. How dare she? haha Thanks again to the best yoga studio in the NY NJ Metro area! See you all at 9:30 a.m.!
From "Fire Shaper Student"

Before I started hot yoga I was overweight and very unhealthy, my knees and shoulders hurt all the time. Since coming to hot yoga NJ in Westwood, NJ. I have gone from 263 to 213. My blood pressure and cholesterol levels are down. I have more energy, sleep better at night and I am more relaxed at work.  My knees and shoulder stopped hurting after the first Week!!I’ll let you decide with some before and after pictures. (see attached pictures)The Hot Yoga works and the studio is great!!


Jamie Alvarez

What is better than sharing your studio? We love hot yoga and the FANTASTIC teachers!

Its been really great !


Love  Janrae


Hi Natalie (or should I say g'day?!)

I've been meaning to contact you since I was not able to come to classes on your last weekend before you headed off to Australia. But whoosh! it's been such a busy start of the year and here we are 5 or 6 weeks later.

I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying my yoga practice and to thank you for providing such a wonderful environment at all of your studios. It's just fantastic to be able to go to your places any time and know that we'll be guided by a great instructor, because all you have are great instructors.

I've never felt better since I began my practice. Thanks so very much and I wish you great success in your new adventure back home.

Until we meet again, all the best,


Your enthusiasm comes through in the energy you both bring to class. Also, the teachers you have hired are all excellent. Everyone's cueing is right on, helping students feel balanced and centered in their postures.  I thank you for that!

Karrie O.

Hi Fire Shaper,
I am a student at your studio and am currently in Nice, France for the month, where I just took my first Bikram class at Bikram Yoga Nice. The instructor complimented me on my practice, but I could only think of how far I've come because of my talented instructors. So, I just wanted to thank you for your amazing teaching! I appreciate it more than you know.

A bientot!


Katherine O.


Thank you all very much for all of your kindness and support during your Hot Yoga and Bikram classes.  I am grateful for all of your patience, expertise, assistance into poses, and encouraging words.I’m 56 years old and a bit stubborn when it comes to losing weight and being mindful of what food I eat.  About two months ago, my cardiologist advised me to lose weight when I was at 271 lbs and had a history of high blood pressure (definitely not the first time I’ve been told this). My first reaction was to dismiss the idea, but then a friend told me to try Hot Yoga and Bikram at your studio.  My first class was on February 8th and nearly impossible for me to get through; I spent 80% of the time laying down on the mat.  Since then, I have attended classes 3-4 times a week and I am able to participate in 80% of the class now due to all of your uplifting personalities, Sue’s encouraging words and Catherine’s persistence to try a little bit more and not give up.  I am confident that one day I will be able to participate in 100% of the class. I have also lost 40 lbs since my first class and look forward to each class, especially when the instructor helps me get into the poses correctly like Caryn has done many times.I’ve never felt better! I feel like I’m walking taller and straighter, my gate is what it was 30 years ago, I eat cleaner, sleep better, my resting heart rate changed from 84 BPM to 64 BPM, and my blood pressure has improved drastically. I have also enjoyed learning from my fellow students and how their journey led them to Hot Yoga. Everyone, staff and students, have been welcoming and supportive with great advise and motivation. I look forward to continuing classes and learning from you all.

Thank you!
Lance Belostock

Dear Natalie and John,

Today is the three year anniversary of my first hot yoga class at your studio. Coincidentally, it is also the first day of spring – which is significant, because I feel like this practice has given me a renewed perspective on, and love for, life.


So I wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge and also, give a thank you to the wonderful teachers I have encountered in your studio over these last few years.  Every class has inspired me in some way.


When I arrived in the North Haledon studio 3 years ago (referred by an acquaintance) I was going through the worst time in my life – my 15 year marriage was ending, we were losing our home, and my then 6-year-old son was terrified and suffering sleeplessness and anxiety.  Sometimes the 1 ½ hours that I spent in yoga class was the only time in the day that I wasn’t crying. Or worrying. Or struggling to just breathe normally. Your yoga practice brought me through those terrible days (along with counseling and dear family and friends), and now that the worst is behind me (and my son), I come to your classes to add joy to my everyday life. Something that 3 years ago I would not have believed possible.


Life is a journey, and I am so happy to have found you, as you have helped on my journey in ways I never even knew were possible  :)





  • DR JOHN just wanted to tell you how wonderful hot yoga is ..i really enjoy the classes..i feel like the fat just melts is such a great feeling and one of the most physically challenging things ive ever done,all the instructors are awesome and have alot to offer..


Lenny A.

Hi Fire Shaper,
I've been attending hot yoga in the North Haledon studios for a few months and I love all the instructors...I feel everyone lends their own style to each class and that's why boredom never sinks in.  Thanks for having the instructors continually challenge us and not do the same thing each class...although I also appreciate that about Bikram because you know what you're getting.




Teacher Training is going great. I am studying hard. What a great experience! And I am off blood pressure medication completely now. I just need to measure it twice a day to document it for my doc so she can really see that hot yoga cures!



Teacher Training is going great. I am studying hard. What a great experience! And I am off blood pressure medication completely now. I just need to measure it twice a day to document it for my doc so she can really see that hot yoga cures!



Where do I even begin... 

My journey with Fireshaper, or rather yoga in general, technically began back in March. It's surreal because that feels like many years and different "versions of myself" ago. I was a completely different person both mentally and physically back then. It's overwhelming how much can change and how much one can learn in such a short period of time.

There's one memory I look fondly back to, which continues to drive my ambitions today. One of my first classes back in March was spent mostly sitting and laying down, just trying to pace myself and transition into the heat. I remember watching the students in front of me getting into Standing Bow. I watched in awe and disbelief at how they got into that pose with grace and ease. Back then, that seemed so impossible andunobtainable for me- it was difficult for me to work through my structural imbalances, and even more difficult to keep the motivation to keep trying. But I did anyway, because it is not in my nature to shy away from challenges.

Through time and consistent practice, I learned that with enough work ethic and effort, anything is within reach. Through yoga, I learned how to believe and how to achieve. 

Today, I am a work/study at the North Haledon studio- and yes, I can actually do Standing Bow now. :) Who would have thought? 

When you perceive yoga as a parallel reflection to your life off of the mat, you gain an understanding about how you respond to the stressful and difficult situations in real life. Through this, I genuinely believe that there isn't anything I cannot do now. This would have never happened if it weren't for all of you. Yes, I really do mean YOU. 

I'm grateful and proud to have had plenty and wonderful experiences at FireShaper amongst incredible teachers and practitioners. Your energy and passion continues to be an inspiration as I greet you at the front desk and when we practice, as one, in the yoga room. The impact you all have had on my life is truly immeasurable, and I hope you never take that for granted. Teachers, I hope you all sleep better at night knowing that you've greatly improved the quality of life for so many, including mine. Thank you.

Here's to new experiences and milestones in 2013! Enjoy your celebrations responsibly! Namaste.

- George Aliaga

Hi Natalie,


I felt so wonderful when I left class on Saturday!  Thank-you for all your positive affirmations and helping me to get into that one pose in the floor series.  What an amazing experience this is for me!!! 





 Thank you to Natalie and Dr. John for opening Fireshaper and for training the most amazing instructors. I was given a gift- certificate to try out hot yoga because of a back injury. In only two months, I am walking with better posture, better skin, and a better attitude! Fireshaper has changed my life and I feel incredible! I used to never wear shorts because I was hiding my legs... Now I love the definition and feel the freedom that I have gained from yoga! I am gratefully yours. Bring on the Fire Body Challenge! Game on!  -  Stephanie Huang 

I hope to come back soon - you guys are the best bikram studio across the UK, USA, and Aus!





I absolutely love love love your studio and it is truly changing me and allowing me to live in my body and love it for all its 2000 parts....i have tried many times to post on YELP but its not allowing me - its show me that i am reviewing but its not publically posting....anyway i am not tech savvy.. I am not sure if you can post for me.....I will try again but just so you know below are the 2 posts I have tried.....thanks always

What an amazing experience! I am not a yoga person - or rather wasnt a yoga person and HOT YOGA has totally changed my thinking....and my body.  The studio in Westwood has the most inspiring teachers and motivating students.  I started out wanted to try something different than my usual gym routine and thought I would give hot yoga a try.  I was very nervous and a bit intimidated at first.  Looking around the room at all shapes and sizes made me feel at ease as there is no judgment here and all students are on their own journey.  Taking one class a week at first was wonderful and I felt such a difference in my body - but more importantly my mind.  I am now taking 2 classes a week and the feeling of euphoria after a class lasts throughout the day.  I have noticed differences in my stress level, my skin and my hips.  As a marathon runner that still loves a good long run now and again, I have felt a HUGE difference in my gait and my hips are more aligned.  My chiropractor has also noticed a difference.  I stand taller , have not had the headaches and neck problems I used to but most importantly for me - feel a bit more confident in my own skin.  And all this after a month.  I happen to be a celiac as well and was diagnosed about 10 years ago.  The last month I have better than I have in years.......I cant wait to see what happens next.

Danielle, Natalie and Jody are the only teachers I have had the pleasure to work with and THEY ARE matter what level you are, they challenge each student to be the best that they can be, offering different levels of a posture and inspiring words that help you WANT to get to the next level of your practice.  

Hot Yoga is a must!

WEDNESDAY Night classes are a must!
If you have had a rough start to the week, this class is both mentally and physically challenging & it can get you over the hump and finish the week off strong!  Danielle is an amazing teacher and totally gets you to be in  the moment and in your body!


Suzanne H.



This stretch has helped me tremendously. I have had impingement issues for a while. I was a body builder but my shoulders came out in front of my chest with a hunch look. After a while, during chest workouts the only contraction I would feel was in my shoulders. No pump in the chest. Recently I have felt constant pain (not just from lifting) in my left shoulder from impingement. After one day stretching I feel no pain and I can feel my shoulders starting to draw back like they should. THANK YOU
Message from a youtube user - seanbraasch

Great detox, fantastic teachers. I have done 3 classes in 10 days!   -  Quantrelle King


Received via facebook: you have created an amazing studio with super high standards of excellence. Congratulations!